Parthenais Meat…

QUALITY HEALTHY MEAT – Statistics show the Parthenais to be a highly productive, fertile producer of high quality lean meat, having incomparable unique flavour and tenderness thanks to the fine muscle fibres, together with the juiciness and flavour from its marbling. Parthenais have a high killing out percentage of over 67%, being one of the highest of all continental breeds. This, combined with excellent muscular conformation and a healthy low cholesterol lean meat, explains why Parthenais meat in its homeland of France fetches a premium of over 25% in the markets compared with other breeds. There is only 8.8% fat in the carcass and a net meat content of 77%, with 41.25% of this being high quality cuts. An exceptional 95% of carcasses grade E and U.

Parthenais beef, the healthy option. With people turning more to healthy living and healthy diets demand for good healthy food is stronger than ever. Parthenais offers you something no other breed does, it has lower cholesterol than chicken!


Farmers Weekly Article
In case you’ve not read your Farmers Weekly yet this week, I thought I’d let you know that the Parthenais Chairman, James Duerden has again got a fantastic article on the breed and his herd. https://www.fwi.co.uk/livestock/beef/why-one-farmer-switched-to-parthenaise-beef-breed Farmer Weekly

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