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Following advice from the Department of Agriculture Food and the Marine, we wish to inform breeders who intend to purchase Parthenaise cattle that only animals registered in an approved EU herd book are eligible for pedigree registration in the herd book of the British Parthenais Cattle Society.

An approved pedigree herd book is a herd book that conforms with Zootechnical regulations under EU Commission Decision 84/247/EEC. Cattle not registered in accordance with EU Commission Decision 84/247/EEC are not recognised as being within a legitimate EU herd book. Even if they have Pedigree Certificates from an unregulated herd book, the certificates have no status (value) under EU rules (EU Commission Decision 84/247/EEC).

To be included in the British Parthenais Cattle Society herd book, animals must have 2 parents and 2 sets of grandparents registered in a properly accredited herd book.