Following advice from the Department of Agriculture Food and the Marine, we wish to inform breeders who intend to purchase Parthenaise cattle that only animals registered in an approved EU herd book are eligible for pedigree registration in the herd book of the British Parthenais Cattle Society.

An approved pedigree herd book is a herd book that conforms with Zootechnical regulations under EU Commission Decision 84/247/EEC. Cattle not registered in accordance with EU Commission Decision 84/247/EEC are not recognised as being within a legitimate EU herd book. Even if they have Pedigree Certificates from an unregulated herd book, the certificates have no status (value) under EU rules (EU Commission Decision 84/247/EEC).

To be included in the British Parthenais Cattle Society herd book, animals must have 2 parents and 2 sets of grandparents registered in a properly accredited herd book.

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Farmers Weekly Article

In case you’ve not read your Farmers Weekly yet this week, I thought I’d let you know that the Parthenais Chairman, James Duerden has again got a fantastic article on the breed and his herd.


Farmer Weekly

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Black Dyke Parthenais

4 month old calves from the Black Dyke herd (Gill and Miles Bentham).

Percy, sired by Cambridge.


Popeye, sired by Garfield.

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Young Bull with a fantastic nature available from Dan Ingham. Not been pushed and out of a heifer.

Contact Dan Ingham, 07837 168 903


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Killerwick Lancelot

Killerwick Lancelot was on display at Beef Expo, semen is available now.
Please contact James Duerden (07423457444), if you’re interested in placing an order.

  • easy calving
  • double muscled
  • rapid growth rates
  • brilliant temperament

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British Beef Expo 2019

Fantastic to see so many people taking interest in the Society stand at The British Beef Expo 2019, this is a breed that should not be over looked!

If you’re looking at changing breeds because of recent events in the British cattle industry why not pick the Parthenais. Easy calving, high killing out percentages, fast growth rates, docile, hard black feet, cope well in the heat, very maternal females, bulls are excellent workers always looking for work, cross bred females in demand for suckler replacements, convert feed into flesh like you wouldn’t believe.

This is the breed of the future, if you’re looking for a high performance breed then look no further, this is the breed for you.

BB x Hol first calver with 8 week old Parthenais sired calf on display at the beef expo.


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Tullamore Show 12th August 2018

James Duerden was invited over to judge the Irish Parthenais cattle at the Tullamore Show on the 12th August.

Members Paul Webber and Nathan Janes met up with James. They were all made very welcome by the Irish Parthenais Cattle Society. James had his work cut out judging some excellent cattle forward, as there was a large number entered in the various classes.

The group were shown around some amazing Parthenais herds around Monaghan, Galway, Westmeath and Wexford.

James was well looked after and stayed on to visit more farms in the south. Our thanks to our hosts and members of the southern Irish Parthenais cattle society.

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Killerwick Lancelot Semen available

Semen is now available from exciting new bull Killerwick Lancelot. Straws have already been sold into the United States. Please contact James Duerden 07423 457444 for enquiries.

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Cumbrian Steakhouse offering only Parthenais-sired beef..

The Duerden family have teamed up with “The Steakhouse”, Dalton in Furness!

The new restaurant will be showcasing a spectacular and rare type of beef, the Parthenais. One of Furness’s best kept secrets; a rare breed of beef cattle expertly and lovingly reared less than one mile from the Steakhouse, on the rolling green pastures at Killerwick Grange, Dalton by the Duerden family.

Dishes include a variety of succulent Parthenais meats, including Tomahawk, Rib Eye, Rump and Sirloin and our favourite, the Chateaubriand. They also offer more traditional smokehouse favourites, including Jerk Chicken, Pork Ribs and Wild Boar.

So, if you have been looking for a night to remember, then look no further than the new Steakhouse Restaurant and Bar at Chequers Hotel.

If you would like to make a reservation or find out more about our delicious dishes, get in touch today on 01229 462124.


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To keep up with the demand for the Parthenais James Duerden from Ulverston, Cumbria (Killerwick herd) went to France earlier in the year and selected nine maiden heifers for customers.  Of the nine heifers six have gone to form two new herds at Stoke-on-Trent and Oswestry.

Member Paul Webber from Somerset (Portmead herd) and a fellow farmer have recently returned from Northern     Ireland having purchased 14 heifers and a bull between them.

This is all great news for the breed, the members and the society, with Parthenais herds opening up in new counties, and the society looks forward to welcoming the new breeders.

French Imports

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